Announcing our Next Outdoor Gear Sale

An image from our backpack and sleeping bag rack just before the sale began.

An image from our backpack and sleeping bag rack just before the sale began.

Josh and I would like to formally announce that we are ramping up for the next outdoor gear sale in Woodland Park, Colorado. We found that we really had a very successful and fun first sale, and we had many, many additional people approach us about wanting to be sellers at our next gear sale. So here is the big announcement!

The sale will be the first weekend in June, and we will be holding the sale in the True Life Medicine building on Rampart Range Road once again.

June 5th-presale, June 6th sale open to the public, and June 7th storewide sales event. 

We are also excited to report that we have learned a lot from our first sale, and we will be making some changes to improve our sale format from the last time. Those changes will be posted as the sale approaches. We will still hold a presale for our sellers the night before the actual sale begins. Sunday will also be a day to capture discounted gear, but there will be some changes to the discounting process.

So as you trudge through a late spring cleaning of your garage and closets, this is a good time to beginning setting aside your used outdoor gear to sell.

Also as you begin to really set up your plans for the summer, this would be a great chance to come and round out your supplies for the summer backpacking trips. Or if your fishing and motorcycle gear needs to be revamped, this would be a great sale to mark in your calendar.

Also remember to like us on Facebook at to get our most up-to-date information. And remember to help us spread the word as well.

Spring Sale Information

For sellers there will be a “Presale” from 7pm-8pm on Saturday. This may be huge incentive to become a seller, because you get first crack at the amazing gear coming in. There is still time to sell your gear. Josh and I have taken some time away from our “real jobs” so avail ourselves to anyone who needs gear tagged and/or picked up. Sign up to sell here.

The sale will be located at the True Life Medicine Building at 403 S Baldwin St, Woodland Park, CO 80863.

We will be open 9am-7pm on Saturday the 21st.

On Sunday we will be open from 9am-2pm. Some sellers have elected to sell their gear for 40% off on Sunday. At the sale you will be able to tell which gear is on sale on Sunday only by the STAR printed on an item’s tag.

We will be accepting credit cards.

These warm days make me anxious to get out backpacking…. And a lot of the gear coming in makes me even more excited.

Join us

The luxury item

This last summer Josh and I were planning out hike through on the Continental Divide Trail in the Weminuche Wilderness in southwestern Colorado.

Since this trek was going to be 100 miles long, we really began to examine our pack weights figuring out strategies for the reduction of strain on our legs and backs. Josh was even reading a book about how to cut pack weight which included taking measures like trimming the unused straps, cutting out the internal pocket that holds a hydration bladder in the pack, and carefully counting the calories needed per day and not packing extra food.

As I went through the items in my outdoor gear closet, I found that I could trim weight with my sleeping pad. I could also cut down on weight by using my compress down vest as a pillow. But all of this talk and focus on the weight of my pack caused me to begin to reflect on some of the most enjoyable parts of backpacking for me.

When I think about trekking 15 miles per day over countless mountain passes, I obviously love to draw up images of the views and the feeling of accomplishment looking back at the distance traveled over winding trails. But I also really to reflect on times spent unwinding in camp. I love those moments too, and at times I love to accentuate those moments with music.


So that is when I decided that my luxury item(s) was going to be my iPhone along with the solar charger for the Weminuche trip. I knew that I would not have cell coverage for the trip, so I wasn’t really worried about being tempted to plug in to the ‘real world’ from the wilderness. However my iPhone gave me the opportunity to sit on a rock overlooking lush valleys while listening to a favorite playlist. I also used the music on a couple occasions to prod me forward as my legs were growing weary.

So as Josh and I are planning this gear sale, I would like to ask you…what is your luxury item? What is the thing that doesn’t make logical sense for you to carry, but it enhances your outdoor experience. Post your thoughts on the Facebook page…

It’s official….

GATC outdoor gear consignment sale location

This is it. Josh and I are proud to announce that we have an official location and date for the sale.

We will be hosting this first consignment sale at the True Life Medicine Building in Woodland Park just off Rampart Range Road. Randy James has graciously allowed us to utilized his basement which has a parking lot level entry and is a part of his beautiful office space.

This sale will be held March 21-22 with many many more details to come including how to participate in the sale, how to help us market this business and the opportunity to participate in the “Presale”.

But the time has come to begin sorting through the outdoor gear collecting dust in your garage. We will need as many sellers and buyers as possible to make this sale a success for everyone.

We again invite you to join us on this adventure right here in the City Above the Clouds.

Daring to try

Gear Above The Clouds - Grizzly Peak

A bit of a disclaimer: This blog post has nothing to do with gear.

This has to do with the process of Josh and I actually following a dream we have had and talked about for a long time. As I work to build this page and the Facebook, I am filled with excitement and fulfillment, but I can also feel some of the fear of trying. Transitioning this dream and idea into a plan has been surprisingly vulnerable.

My mind is filled with questions about if this is a viable business model, if we have a need for used outdoor gear consignment sales in the Pikes Peak Region, and basically do we have what it takes.

And this also reminds me of the numerous huge backpacking trips Josh and I have prepared for and completed over the last decade. These fears and doubts seem normal when taking a risk and trying anything new. But starting this business seems to be a very public risk that we are taking.

I have loved dreaming this idea of a consignment sale with hopes of expanding to a more full time and established gear shop offering classes to the public, but this dream also means that there is a chance of completely flopping. But like on many backpacking trips, problems will arise and then problems will be resolved. Fears will be faced and overcome.

Gear Above the Clouds will get our best shot. And you are invited to join us.

If you have this in mind this coming summer….

Outdoor Gear For SaleIf packing up your backpack and sleeping on the ground is in your plans for this summer, then you will not want to miss the Gear Above the Clouds sale coming this March in Woodland Park, Colorado. We will have quality outdoor gear in good condition for sale consigned by people who have taken advantage of living in the Rockies. Follow our posts to keep up to date.